Transferring records to the Archives: Initial assessment questions

Initial assessment information includes queries about:

  • Content, subject and business of the records.
  • Age of the records (date range).
  • Are the records identified as Retain as National Archives (RNA) in a current records Authority?
  • Are the records part of the same sequence or series?
  • Are the records still needed for business use?
  • Security classification or sensitivity indicators
  • Access to the records
  • Quantity of the records
  • Physical condition of the records
  • Are the records ready and prepared for transfer?
  • Your recommended transfer priority
  • Your preferred location

For digital records we will also need to discuss with you:

  • Are the digital records unclassified (currently we can't process classified digital records)?
  • Can the digital records be transferred on to a portable USB or hard drive?
  • How the digital records maintained (eg EDRMS, share drive, offline)
  • Any unusual or very large file formats
  • Format (eg pdf, html) and size of the digital records
  • Number of digital objects in the transfer
  • Metadata requirements
  • How the digital records are structured in your system. For example:
    • Are the digital records part of a hybrid series containing both physical (or other) as well as digital components?
    • Are the digital records in a folder hierarchy, or are they in a flat structure?
    • Are all the digital records within a folder hierarchy sentenced as RNA?
    • What level constitutes a record on your item list - does one record on your item list equal one digital object, or does it comprise multiple digital objects?                                                                                                                              

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