Storage and servicing charges for agencies

The Archives is responsible for preserving and providing access to the archival resources of the Commonwealth. We do not charge agencies for the storage of records that have been determined to be national archives.

Not all records in the Archives’ custody have been assessed as national archives; some records in custody have been determined to be of temporary value and others are unevaluated.

The Archives charges agencies $21.10 per metre per year for the storage of temporary and unevaluated records. Invoices are issued annually to agencies controlling these records. Records in these categories also incur lending and other servicing charges.

The Archives is keen to work with agencies to reduce holdings of temporary and unevaluated records so we can focus our resources on preserving and making accessible the most significant records of the Australian government.

For further advice about storage and servicing charges or to arrange to withdraw temporary and unevaluated records, please contact:

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