Video: Information Matters

Learn why Information Matters and your responsibilities in managing it.

Managing information

Information that you create, send and receive as part of your work for the Australian Government is a record and needs to be managed throughout its lifecycle.

Types of information

Most information and records are now created digitally, but they come in a variety of formats. Find out what types there are and how you should manage them.

Systems that manage information

All information and records should be stored in systems that can manage them effectively. Find out about different types of systems and their functional requirements.

Creating information and records

Document business activites and decisions by creating a record. Find out what needs to be documented and what details should be included.

Capturing information

Some information and records are captured automatically while others need to be transferred or scanned into an appropriate system. Find out what 'capturing' means and where and how to capture information.

Describing information

It's all about titles and metadata. Find out why good descriptions are important and how good practices and standards will ensure information and records can be easily found and understood.

Accessing information

Information needs to be accessible and usable for business and legislative reasons. Find out how to keep information accessible and about different types of access.

Protecting information

Protect information and records from unauthorised access, alteration or deletion. Find out how to keep them secure and protected.

Storing information

Whatever their format, information and records should be stored properly. Find out more about the standards and guidelines for storing information and records.

Preserving information

Preserving information means keeping it accessible and usable over time. Find out more about preserving the different formats.

Disposing of information

Disposal can involve transfer of custody or destruction of information and records. Find out about sentencing, disposal freezes and transfer or destruction of information and records when they are no longer required for business purposes.

Need help?

If you work for an Australian Government agency, and have questions about information and records management, contact the Agency Service centre

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