Access to records for legal proceedings

The Archives recommends your agency seek legal advice on releasing records that are not yet in the open access period as these records may contain information related to national security, be regarded as commercial in confidence, or relate to the personal affairs of former or current employees of the agency.

Access to records in the Archives

Where relevant records are held by the Archives please contact our Lending Service. Access to documents held by the Archives is provided in one of the following ways:

Certified copies of records

The Archives can make certified copies of the records to meet public access obligations. Very old or fragile records can be inspected on Archives' premises.

Inspection at the Archives

Records in the open access period can be inspected by prior arrangement at the reading room in the capital city where the records are stored.

Authorised staff from the controlling agency can view records not yet in the open access period at the Archive's reading rooms.

Others parties will need official access authorisation from the controlling agency to view records at one of our reading rooms.

Agency digitisation service

The archives currently offers agencies a choice to have their unclassified records digitized and provided to them as a pdf document. The digitization of records is a charged service.

Retrieving records from the Archives

Records in the open access period are available for public access and cannot be removed from the Archives. These records can be accessed in one of our reading rooms.

Records not yet in the open access period can be accessed as digitised copies, certified copies or inspected in an Archives reading room.

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