Digital Continuity 2020

Digital information and records management capability matrix

The Digital Continuity 2020 is a whole-of-government approach to digital information governance. It complements the Australian Government's digital transformation agenda and aims to support efficiency, innovation, interoperability, information re-use and accountability by integrating robust digital information management into all government business processes.

Digital Continuity 2020 Policy

Digital continuity policy enables the integration of information governance principles into agency work practices and promotes a consistent approach across government. Find out more about the digital continuity policy and pathways.

Principle 1. Information is valued

Information is a strategic asset that must be created, stored and managed. Find out about information governance and responsibilities.

Principle 2. Information is managed digitally

By 2020 all information generated as agency business will be created and managed digitally. Find out about digital assets and processes.

Principle 3. Information is interoperable

Interoperable information, systems and processes reduce unnecessary duplication and the impact of structural changes in government. Find out how consistent metadata and standards support the continuing value of information.

Targets and pathways

See Targets and pathways for the three principles in the Digital Continuity 2020 Policy that cover governance and people, digital assests and processes and metadata and standards.


See National Archives' annual reports on progress towards implementation of digital continuity in the Australian Government

Awards for Digital Excellence

The National Archives Awards for Digital Excellence celebrates the positive changes and progress to making digital information more robust, fit-for-purpose and available.

Digital Transition Policy

The digital transition policy was designed to guide Australian Government agencies in their move to digital information and records management. Find out about the scope and the requirements intended to help agencies meet the 2020 target.

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