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ABC Strategy for Information and Media Management – Action Plan development and implementation


This project involved conducting a review of the ABC Strategy for Information and Media Management (SIMM) as well as developing and implementing an associated action plan to realise the strategy. SIMM was developed in 2015 in response to the need for the ABC to better manage information and to ensure input from key stakeholders across the organization. This project, undertaken by the Business Information Management team involved analysing and reviewing the strategy; seeking key input from internal and external stakeholders; and developing an implementation plan to achieve key outcomes. The team has implemented Stage 1of the action including the transformation of the ABC National Pay and Entitlements Centre current workflows from paper to digital. In addition, engagement with Procurement, Legal and Rights Management business units has begun to further transform operations in line with the goals of Digital Continuity 2020.

Agency overview

The ABC is Australia's leading public broadcaster of television, news, radio and online content, with a staff of over 4,000 staff. The Business Information Management team develop information management strategy and promote information architecture, records management and corporate archives services across the ABC. The National Pay and Entitlements Centre comprises a team of 17 staff responsible for both managing pay and entitlements services and providing an enquiry service for 5,000 ongoing and contract ABC staff.


The ABC Strategy for Information and Media Management (SIMM) was developed by the ABC Operations Planning Group in 2013 and includes an Information Governance Framework and a key Information Governance Committee, referred to as the SIMM Executive Group. This Group is composed of key representatives from across the ABC. The Business Information Management team was charged with reviewing and updating the existing SIMM strategy and develop an action plan for 2016-2017. In mid-2016 this team proceeded to engage with ABC staff, review a range of NAA information management documentation and sought input to this process from a range of stakeholders including ABC management and external staff from other federal government agencies.

Project objectives

  • to improve internal stakeholder engagement in the Strategy for Information and Media Management (SIMM) 
  • to seek input from external stakeholders in information management practices 
  • to revise the SIMM in response to internal and external stakeholder feedback 
  • to develop a realistic and achievable SIMM Action Plan for 2016-17 
  • to fund and implement a technology project to assist in achieving the Action Plan in 2016 
  • to select a key high profile demonstration project to highlight the new action plan and successfully implement the project in 2016 
  • to identify at least three further key project areas to continue implementation of the Action Plan in 2017

Project execution

Apr-Jun 2016:

  • undertake an internal stakeholder audit of information management issues, document and feed into SIMM and new Action Plan
  • review NAA IM documentation and engage Federal Agency Information Management Network (FAIMN) group members

Jul-Nov 2016:

  • SIMM endorsement of revised strategy and action plan
  • upgrade TRIM records management software to RM8
  • engage National Pay team in move from paper to RM8 operations and implement transformation project

Dec 2016-Feb 2017:

  • engage ABC Procurement, Legal and Rights Management business units in similar paper to digital transformation project

Mar 2017 -

  • implement ABC Procurement, Legal and Rights Management Divisions paper to digital transformation projects

Project outcomes

  • updated SIMM strategy and Action Plan completed and promoted across ABC 
  • RM8 implementation completed and now fully utilized by National Pay Centre 
  • National Pay Centre project completed providing a key demonstration project for future 
  • strong engagement with Procurement, Legal and Rights Management business units to implement paper to digital transformation during 2017

Project impact

  • greater involvement and participation of ABC stakeholders in information management and SIMM with improved awareness and training programs
  • internal stakeholder input reflected in updated SIMM strategy and Action Plan
  • National Pay Centre current workflow transformed to digital with greater staff efficiency, space savings (less hardcopy file storage) and speed of service
  • improved alignment with Check-up Digital and on schedule to achieve Digital Continuity 2020 targets

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