Submitting an access application online

You can submit an access application to a record that has the access status 'Not yet examined' or 'Closed' directly from RecordSearch.

For items that have the access status 'Open with exception', and those items that have not been entered onto RecordSearch, you can either manually complete and submit an access application form in a reading room, or contact our Reference Service.

To submit an access application online:

  1. Login to RecordSearch (using your login name and password) and begin your search.
  2. Once you have identified an item you are interested in, from the Item details screen: select 'Issue to reading room' if you would like to view the item in the reading room, or select 'Request copy' if you would like to purchase an online copy of the item.
  3. If the item has an access status of 'Not yet examined' or 'Closed', the next screen will explain that the item must be examined for possible sensitivities before it can be made available to the public.
  4. To have the item examined, select 'submit an access application'.
  5. Once the access application has been submitted, a message will be displayed on the screen confirming that the access application has been successfully received.
  6. Print the confirmation message or note the receipt number, barcode, series and control symbol for future reference. You should quote these details in any correspondence with our Reference service regarding the access application.
  7. Select 'Back to Item details' to return to the Item details screen in RecordSearch.
Please note: under legislation the National Archives is obliged to notify of a decision no later than 90 days from receipt of an access application.
For further information, please refer to our fact sheets on access to records under the Archives Act, why we refuse access, and what to do if we refuse you access.
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