Enoggera (Gaythorne), Queensland (1914–15 and 1940–46)

World War I

The Enoggera internment camp was located next to an existing army camp in what is now suburban Brisbane. It housed nearly 140 internees, including the non-military officers and crew of civilian German ships docked in Brisbane after the outbreak of war. Many of the men were married, but their families were not taken into the camp. For the first five months, until March 1915, the internees were able to leave the camp during daylight hours and they could be employed. The camp was closed in August 1915 and the internees were transferred to the Holsworthy camp in New South Wales.

Enoggera camp in 1915 showing closely aligned tents in sloping paddock.
Enoggera camp in 1915 (AWM H02154 )

World War II

The Enoggera internment and prisoner of war camp was re-established in early 1940 in the same area as the World War I camp. After 1942 the camp was enlarged and had a capacity to accommodate 1800 people in five separate compounds of between 300 and 500 people each. Those interned at Enoggera during World War ll included family groups with children and the elderly. They were primarily German, Austrian, Italian and Japanese.

Officers' quarters at Enoggera camp picturing two men before tents and background of eucalypts
Officers' quarters at Enoggera camp (AWM H02155)


The National Archives holds records about the Enoggera camp during World War II. A selection of these is listed below.

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