Message in Japanese – propaganda leaflet, 1945

Message in Japanese – propaganda leaflet, 1945

Propaganda leaflet from Allied forces to Japanese forces, with message in Japanese, 1945.

A translation of the message reads:

To all soldiers of the Japanese Army:

We need not explain the situation. Any further bloodshed is useless. We wish to treat you kindly. There is no shame in coming to our lines and receiving emergency medical treatment under the Geneva Convention. You will be taken to join the several hundred Japanese soldiers already accommodated in Australia.

To illustrate this message, the two photographs have the following captions:

An Australian army officer offers a drink of water to a Japanese soldier at a temporary detention camp


Japanese soldiers, having recovered their health and spirits in an Australian camp. The war situation is becoming increasingly severe but, on the other hand, should we not look upon these peaceful scenes as the natural state of human beings?

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