The car with no name

Rules are rules.

In this letter to the Attorney-General, world record racing car driver Norm ‘Wizard’ Smith asks if he can retain the name ‘Anzac’ on his racing car. Not an unreasonable request given Mr Smith’s new status as the fastest man on land. ‘There is no doubt that this car is a national asset to Australia. It is to my mind a very fine advertisement’, he writes.

Unfortunately the government of the day thought otherwise and cited Statutory Rule 1921 in its response to Mr Smith:

'No person shall, without the authority of the Governor-General or a Minister of State … use the word ‘Anzac’ in connection with any trade, business, calling or profession …

Given that this photograph of ‘Wizard’ was taken immediately after he worked his magic on a beach in New Zealand, one can only wonder at the expression on his face upon hearing that his request had been denied!

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    Norm 'Wizard' Smith's racing car
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    Mr Smith's request to call his car 'Anzac', 6 March 1930
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    Cutting from The Argus newspaper about 'Wizard' Smith, 30 January 1930
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