A star is born!

For most of us, Mr Squiggle was the man from the moon. Each weekday for four decades the handcrafted puppet with the pencil nose from 93 Crater Crescent travelled on his rocket to the ABC Television studios at Gore Hill in Sydney to see Miss Gina (later, Misses Pat, Jane, Roxanne and Rebecca).

Creator Norman Hetherington submitted three photographs to the Patent Office in 1962 to copyright Mr Squiggle (having made the marionette four years earlier). The show was something of a family affair, with scripts penned by the creator’s wife and his daughter Rebecca becoming the final presenter.

The program first aired on 1 July 1959 and screened for the last time on 9 July 1999. During his 40-year tenure, Mr Squiggle turned more than 10,000 viewer-supplied scribbles into pictures – most of them drawn upside down. One of Mr Squiggle’s favourite sayings was ‘Everything’s upside down these days'.

The character that brought us so much pleasure is now enjoying life at the Crater Crescent Retirement Village – complete with angry doormat! And as you read the words of the Mr Squiggle theme below, it’s quite likely that its melody will rocket back into your head!

Here’s Mr Squiggle, with lots of fun for everyone
Here’s Mr Squiggle, sing a happy tune
You can see we’re as happy as can be
Mr Squiggle, the man from the moon

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    Two of the photographs submitted by Norman Hetherington with his copyright application
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    Copyright application submitted to the Patents Office by Norman in 1962
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