New fees for services to the public

From Tuesday 4 October 2016 the cost to order digital copies of records will increase. As part of the move to provide more of our services online, these price changes will enable the cost-recovery of digitisation and ensure greater digital access to the collection in the future.

Price increases from 4 October 2016

Requests for digital copies of records

Requests to copy and view audiovisual records in reading rooms

Price increases from 24 October 2016

Photocopying of records in reading rooms

Certification of records

More than 42 million pages of records are now available online with new content added each week. Access to records already digitised and published online will continue free of charge. Original records will also continue to be available through our reading rooms in each capital city, where you can use your digital camera or tablet to photograph records for free.

These new charges ensure the National Archives can continue its stewardship of this remarkable collection of government records on behalf of the Australian public.

For further information please see our fact sheet on copying charges.

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