Preserving your history for the future

The construction of the National Archives Preservation Facility (NAPF) in Canberra is an exciting evolution for the Archives. It will ensure the preservation of our irreplaceable collection continues into the future.

There will be disruption to access to the Canberra-based collection from 30 October 2016 to 1 July 2017, as we relocate 15 million records from multiple repositories and rehouse them in the NAPF.

If you are seeking access to original records in the Canberra reading room throughout the relocation period, please contact us.

Our digitisation service will continue throughout the relocation to the NAPF. Until 1 July 2017 it may take up to 90 business days to make available digital copies of records held in Canberra. The service standard of 30 business days continues for records located in our State and Territory offices.

Price increase

From Tuesday 4 October 2016 the cost to order digital copies of records will increase. As part of the move to provide more of our services online, these price changes will enable the cost-recovery of digitisation and ensure greater digital access to the collection in the future. Find out more

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Note: RecordSearch contains names and images of Indigenous Australians now deceased.

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Access Examination

Under the Archives Act 1983, the Archives examines records prior to their release to ensure they do not contain material of continuing sensitivity.

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