Social History

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Frederick Watson Fellowship lecture series

Mickey Dewar: Darwin – no place like home, 28 October 2008 52:29 minutes 24.61MB Download mp3 file Paper

Speakers Corner

Frank Bongiorno - Visualising modern Australia, 13 May 2016 58:45 minutes 27.55MB Download mp3 file Transcript
Roland Perry – The Australian Light Horse, 18 October 2009 53:29 minutes 62.67MB Download mp3 file Paper
Alex Gerbaz – The legacy of the Experimental Film and Television Fund, 1970–78, 13 October 2009 48:24 minutes 56.71MB Download mp3 file Paper
Siobhan McHugh – Power for the people, 16 August 2009 52:25 minutes 24.57MB Download mp3 file Paper
Gay Hendricksen – Women transported: Myth and reality, 14 June 2009 53:49 minutes 25.23MB Download mp3 file Paper

RG Neale

Richard Cashman – Australia's role in the apartheid sports boycott 1977, 30 October 2008 48:47 minutes 22.88MB Download mp3 file Transcript (pdf, 379kB)
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