Australian Constitution

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ACT Schools Constitutional Convention

Professor Fiona Wheeler, 15 September 2010 46:16 minutes 43.35MB Download mp3 file Transcript

Constitution Day Lectures

Constitution Day Speakers Forum Indigenous recognition and Australia's identity - Why is it important?
This webcast was held on Saturday 9th July 2016

Professor Helen Irving – A window onto our constitutional history, 8 July 2010 15:50 minutes 7.43MB Download mp3 file Transcript
Senator John Faulkner – Constitution Day Lectures, 9 July 2008 19:27 minutes 9.25MB Download mp3 file Transcript
Professor John Williams – 'A day in the life': Sergeant Pepper and the Australian Constitution, 9 July 2007 45:13 minutes 12.39MB Download mp3 file Transcript

Speaker's Corners

Troy Bramston and Paul Kelly - The Dismissal, 7 May 2016 1:17:07 minutes 18.08MB Download mp3 file Transcript
Professor George Williams – A guide to the Constitution, Speakers Corner, 10 July 2011 40:14 minutes 37.74MB Download mp3 file Paper
Professor Mick Dodson: The continuing relevance of the Constitution for Indigenous peoples, 13 July 2008 42:12 minutes 19.79MB Download mp3 file Transcript

Constitution Founders Lectures

Chief Justice Robert French – John Forrest: Founding Father from the Far West, 8 July 2010 44:11 minutes 20.71MB Download mp3 file Transcript
The Hon. Dr JC Bannon – Alternatives to Australian federation: Then and now, 3 September 2009 38:45 minutes 18.17MB Download mp3 file Transcript
Justice Peter Heerey – Andrew Inglis Clark: The man and his legacy, 4 December 2008 38:45 minutes 16.08MB Download mp3 file Transcript
Chief Justice Michael Black – Introduction, 4 December 2008 21:35 minutes 10.13MB Download mp3 file Transcript
Chief Justice Paul de Jersey – A founding father: Sir Samuel Griffith and the Australian Constitution, 12 June 2008 25:36 minutes 12MB Download mp3 file Transcript
Justice Patrick A Keane: In celebration of the Constitution, 12 June 2008 30:45 minutes 14.42MB Download mp3 file Transcript
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