Joseph Benedict Chifley – Fact sheet 82

Joseph Benedict Chifley (NAA: M2153, 6/1)

Prime Minister of Australia 1945–49

Born in Bathurst (NSW) in 1885, Joseph Benedict (Ben) Chifley joined the state railways and in 1913 became a railway engine driver. With a developing interest in union affairs, the Australian Labor Party and local politics, he entered local government as an Abercrombie Shire Councillor during the 1920s. He entered federal politics as Member for Macquarie in 1928. A junior but well-regarded backbench member of the Scullin government (1929–31), he served as Minister for Defence from March 1931 until the downfall of the government later that year.

Chifley lost his seat in Labor's devastating loss in 1931 and did not re-enter parliament until the general election of 1940. When the Labor government of John Curtin came to power in 1941 Chifley was appointed Treasurer, a position he held until Curtin's death in 1945. He was also a member of the Advisory War Council and the War Cabinet.

Following Curtin's death on 5 July 1945, Chifley was elected leader of the Australian Labor Party and became Prime Minister on 13 July 1945. He remained Prime Minister and Treasurer until his government was defeated in the general election held in December 1949.

Ben Chifley died while still leader of the Labor Party in 1951.

Records relating to Ben Chifley held by the National Archives

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Personal records of Ben Chifley

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Other records relating to Ben Chifley – in Sydney

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