Commonwealth banking policy – Fact sheet 29

Since Federation many agencies have performed the Commonwealth's 'banking' function, the most important being the Department of the Treasury. Significant records of the Treasury and of other key government departments are listed in this fact sheet. Unless otherwise indicated the records are held by the Archives in Canberra.

Department of the Treasury records

Most files relating to the Commonwealth's banking policy are found in Treasury series A571. This was the department's general correspondence file series from 1901 to 1976. It is an annual single number series which means that items (files) were sequentially numbered each year. For example, 1919/25 is the 25th file created in 1919. The series can be searched using RecordSearch or by using the indexes and registers listed below.

Indexes to the main Treasury series

Other relevant Treasury records

Royal Commission on Monetary and Banking Systems, CA 1332

 Title or description of recordDate rangeSeries number
ItemMinute book1936–37A1920, whole series
SeriesPersonal Papers of Mr WT Harris relating to banking and monetary policy affecting national economy (held in Melbourne)1935–45MP578/1

Attorney-General's Department, CA 5

Prime Ministers Department, CA 12

Other sources

Many changes, including deregulation, took place in the banking industry during the 1980s. Some Parliamentary Papers referring to banking policy include the Campbell (1978) and Martin (1981) reports. These reports discuss the banking industry and its deregulation in the light of the changing domestic and international financial environments.

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