The wine industry in South Australia – Fact sheet 26

Commonwealth involvement in the wine industry

Commonwealth government involvement in the wine industry has been concerned mainly with the regulation of the industry, provision of research and development grants, and marketing and promotion of wine for export.

The Collector of Customs, Adelaide (now the Australian Customs Service – CA 802) assumed responsibility from the South Australian colonial government on Federation in 1901. Its functions included the collection of excise revenue, development and protection of the industry, and encouragement and regulation of overseas trade.

In 1929 the Wine Overseas Marketing Board was constituted under the Overseas Marketing Act 1929. The Board regulated wine and brandy intended for export and was empowered to handle, market, store and ship Australian wine. From 1936 until 1981 it was known as the Australian Wine Board and since 1981 it has been called the Australian Wine and Brandy Corporation. The Corporation is the controlling organisation for the industry and currently has its head office in Adelaide.

Commonwealth government agencies and their records

Most records relating to wine held by the National Archives in Adelaide were created by the Corporation or its predecessors, but some records of other agencies are also held. These include records created by the Australian Customs Service, the Australian Industrial Property Organisation and the now defunct State Deputy Prices Commissioner.

Records held in Adelaide relating to wine

Australian Wine & Brandy Corporation (CA 3171)

Australian Customs Service (CA 802)

State Deputy Prices Commissioner (CA4772)

How to find more records

You can obtain more information about the record series listed above (and the items within the series) fromRecordSearch, the Archives database. Searches may be undertaken using keywords (such as 'wine', 'winery', 'viticulture' or 'grapes'), or the CA (Commonwealth Agency) or series number shown in the table above. Follow the links in the series lists to go directly to information on that series. You can also use RecordSearch to find out about the agencies that created the records and to locate more records on your subject. You might also explore PhotoSearch to find out if there are photos pertaining to your subject.

Other sources of information about wine

The main non-government wine industry groups include:

  • the Winemakers' Federation of Australia (established 1990)
  • the Australian Wine Foundation (established 1988)
  • the Australian Council of Viticulture (established 1991)
  • the Australian Society of Wine Education (established 1990).

The Archives does not hold the records of these bodies.

The organisations listed below are also valuable sources of information on the wine industry in South Australia.

State Records of South Australia

115 Cavan Road, GEPPS CROSS SA 5094
GPO Box 464

Tel: (08) 8343 6800
Fax: (08) 8204 8777

State Library of South Australia
Corner North Terrace & Kintore Avenue, Adelaide

GPO Box 419

Tel: (08) 8207 7250
Fax: (08) 8207 7247

Royal Agricultural & Horticultural Society of South Australia Incorporated
Adelaide Showground, Goodwood Road, Wayville

PO Box 108

Tel: 1300 890 399
Fax: (08) 8210 5277

National Wine Centre of Australia
Industry House
Corner Botanic & Hackney Roads
Adelaide SA 5000

Tel: (08) 8303 3355
Fax: (08) 8303 7444

South Australian Wine Industry Association
1st Floor Industry Offices
National Wine Centre
Botanic Road
Adelaide SA 5000

Tel: (08) 8222 9277
Fax: (08) 8222 9276

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