Commonwealth Reconstruction Training Scheme administrative records – Fact sheet 178

The Commonwealth Reconstruction Training Scheme

The Commonwealth Reconstruction Training Scheme (CRTS) was introduced in March 1944 to provide educational and vocational training to those who had served in Australia's armed services during World War II. It was administered by the Central Reconstruction Training Committee (CA 357).

The Scheme provided training for ex-servicemen and women necessary for them to be re-established in suitable civilian occupations. The last date for acceptance of applications was 30 June 1950 and by the middle of 1951 over 300,000 people had been accepted by the Scheme, making it one of the most significant strategies for social change in Australia. In order to be eligible for assistance under the Scheme, servicemen and servicewomen were required to have had a minimum of six months service and to have been honourably discharged. Further information on the eligibility criteria for applicants is included in Fact Sheet 179 – CRTS applicants and trainees.

Training was available in one of three categories – professional, vocational or rural – and could be undertaken either full time or on a part time basis. Individuals embarking on full time training had tuition and other fees paid and received living allowances.

Central and Regional Reconstruction Training Committees

The Central Reconstruction Training Committee was located within the Department of Post-War Reconstruction until 1950 when it was transferred to the Repatriation Department. The Committee was responsible for the planning, policy and direction of the Scheme, while administration lay with Regional Reconstruction Training Committees located in State capital cities.

Administrative records of the CRTS

Administrative records relating to the CRTS are held by a number of offices of the Archives. These comprise records concerned with the origins of the scheme and its management, and include records relating to the functions of both the Central Reconstruction Training Committee and Regional Reconstruction Training Committees. Details of the administrative records held are listed in the table below.

Records relating to the administration of the CRTS



 Title or description of recordDate rangeSeries number
SeriesCRTS subsidy to employers – employers' files1945–53SP144/1
SeriesCRTS subsidy to employees files1946SP242/4



 Title or description of recordDate rangeSeries number
SeriesCorrespondence files1944–57K1053
SeriesPolicy, procedure and general administration files of the CRTS1944–57PP310/1

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