Royal Military College, Duntroon – Fact sheet 165

Originally a sheep station, Duntroon property was chosen as the site for Australia's Military College following the government’s acceptance of a recommendation by Lord Kitchener, who had been commissioned in 1910 to report on the defence needs of the new Commonwealth. The Military College was granted the title 'Royal' at its opening on 27 June 1911.

Record holdings

Records held by the National Archives relating to the Royal Military College (RMC) document the transformation of a sheep station and its main buildings, including the imposing Duntroon homestead, into a centre for military education. These records include plans for the design and construction of new facilities and the alteration of existing buildings, photographs featuring the college and events with which it was associated, and a range of administrative files relating to the college's acquisition and development by the Commonwealth government. Some examples of records are listed below.

Architectural drawings for buildings at Royal Military College, Duntroon 

Collection references

 Title or description of recordDate rangeSeries number
ItemFire alarm tower1912A2502, AB1
ItemRMC pavilioncirca 1916A2502, AB2
ItemRMC barracks1916A2502, AB5
ItemPermanent officers accommodation1916A2502, AB7
ItemAdministrative block1925–30A2502, AB9
ItemBarracks – conversion to flatscirca 1916–circa 1925A2502, AB10
ItemSmall arms magazine1911A2502, AB17
ItemEmployees hospital1912A2502, AB21
ItemRMC site plan1916A2502, AB23
ItemPlan of commemorative plaque for first Commandant1916A2502, AB29
ItemLibrarycirca 1911–circa 1920A2502, AB31
ItemAccommodation for 30 officerscirca 1916A2502, AB37
ItemRMC mess – SS Majors and warrant officers1916A2502, AB39
ItemRMC mess – permanent officers1916A2502, AB44
ItemProposed additions to Quarters No. 26.circa 1920–circa 1925A2502, AB52
ItemCommandant's house – front detail1911A2502, AB69
ItemProfessor Barnard’s housecirca 1919–circa 1922A2502, AB71
ItemProposed adaptation of hospital to school building (AC117)1914A2503, folder 1
ItemGun shed (AC60)1915A2503, folder 1
ItemStables (AC67)1915A2503, folder 1
ItemCottage for NCO’s (AC95)1915A2503, folder 1
ItemForge infirmary forage barn (AC113)1915A2503, folder 1
ItemMarried men’s camp site (AC87)1916A2503, folder 1
ItemHospital site plan (AC119)undatedA2503, folder 1
ItemBarrack rooms for NCO's AIF Officers School (AC121)1916A2503, folder 1

Photographs featuring Royal Military College, Duntroon

A full set of prints from the 'Mildenhall collection’ (series A3560) is available in the Canberra reading room.

Collection references

Selected files relating to Royal Military College, Duntroon

Collection references

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