Fact sheets by number

1Reading room addresses and hours of opening
1.1Using our collection
2Addresses of Australian archival institutions
3Reading room rules
4What are archives?
5Archival terms
6The Commonwealth Record Series (CRS) system
7Citing archival records
9Searching for records
10Access to records under the Archives Act
11Viewing records in the reading room
12What to do if we refuse you access
13RecordSearch: an overview
14Keyword searching in RecordSearch Advanced search screens
15Release of records containing personal information
16Service guidelines for the National Reference Service
21Parliamentary Papers
22Commonwealth of Australia Gazettes
23Customs House, Sydney
24Coastal fortifications in New South Wales
25Commonwealth Film Unit
26The wine industry in South Australia
27Tasmanian railways
28Australia First Movement
29Commonwealth banking policy
30Navy service records
31Navy crew and ships records
32RAAF service records
33Security intelligence records held in Canberra
34Cabinet records
35Administration of the Australian Capital Territory
36Military records held in Hobart
37Maritime records held in Hobart
38Passenger records held in Canberra
39Civilian service in World War II
40Research agents – Canberra
41Research agents – Sydney
42Research agents – Brisbane
43Research agents – Adelaide and Darwin
44Research agents – Melbourne and Hobart
45Research agents – Perth
46Why we refuse access
47Australian Overseas Information Service photographs
48Papua New Guinea patrol reports
49D Notices
50Post Office records
51Copying charges
52Exempt information in ASIO records
53Personal information in ASIO records
54Veterans' case files
55Fremantle Harbour
56Passenger records held in Perth
57Melbourne Olympics, 1956
58World War I internee, alien and POW records held in Canberra
59World War II internee, alien and POW records held in Canberra
60Design and development of the national capital
61World War II war crimes
62Indonesian independence
63War service information
64Passenger records held in Sydney
65Customs shipping records held in Sydney
66Migrant selection documents held in Canberra
67Boer War records
68Naturalisation records held in Canberra
69ASIO files on writers and literary groups
70Prime ministers of Australia
72Prime Minister Joseph Cook
73Prime Minister William Morris Hughes
74Prime Minister Stanley Melbourne Bruce
75Prime Minister James Henry Scullin
76Prime Minister Joseph Aloysius Lyons
77Prime Minister Earle Christmas Grafton Page
78Prime Minister Robert Gordon Menzies
79Prime Minister Arthur William Fadden
80Prime Minister John Joseph Ambrose Curtin
81Prime Minister Francis Michael Forde
82Prime Minister Joseph Benedict Chifley
83Prime Minister Harold Edward Holt
84Prime Minister John McEwen
85Prime Minister John Grey Gorton
86Family history sources held in Canberra
87Family history sources held in Adelaide
88Australia and the United Nations
89Births, deaths and marriages
90Cyclones and the Northern Territory
91Coastal fortifications in South Australia
92Customs houses in South Australia
93Customs House, Port Adelaide, South Australia
94Excise control of distilled products in South Australia
95Walter Burley Griffin and the design of Canberra
96J T Lang and Lang Labor
98Regulation of beer and brewing in South Australia
99Sir Frederick Shedden and the Shedden collection
100Records relating to Italian migration held in Sydney
101World War II internee, alien and POW records held in Sydney
102The Australian flag
103The Cocos (Keeling) Islands
104Commonwealth electoral rolls held in Perth
105Copyright records
106World War I internee, alien and POW records held in Adelaide
107World War II internee, alien and POW records held in Adelaide
108The Pastoral industry in the Northern Territory
109Building the provisional Parliament House
110When to use the Freedom of Information, Archives and Privacy Acts
111The sinking of HMAS Sydney, November 1941
112Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody
113Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people
114Memorandum of Understanding with Northern Territory Aboriginal people
115Introducing television to Australia, 1956
116Guides to the collection
117Australia's involvement in the Vietnam War
118Computer resources in reading rooms
119Commonwealth electoral rolls held in Brisbane
120Bankruptcy records held in Sydney
121General Sir John Monash
122Lighthouse records held in Hobart
123Records of British migrants held in Canberra
124Child migration to Australia
125Radar research in Australia during World War II
126Radar production and use during World War II
127War Cabinet records
128Cabinet notebooks
129British nuclear tests at Maralinga
130The Royal Commission on Espionage, 1954–55
132World War ll Army pay files held in Adelaide
133Defence and service records held in Melbourne
134Colonial defence personnel records held in Melbourne
135Army administrative records held in Melbourne
136Army service records
137Navy administrative records held in Melbourne
138Navy service records held in Melbourne
139Royalty and Australian society
140Cockatoo Island Dockyard
141Stevedoring industry
142Canberra air disaster, 1940
143North Head Quarantine Station, Sydney
144Harold Holt's disappearance, 1967
145Albert Namatjira
146Jessie Sinclair Litchfield
147Child migrant records held in Sydney
148Records of Papua New Guinea, 1883–1942
149Sound collections held in Sydney
150The 1967 referendum
151Bishop Francis Xavier Gsell
152Army and RAAF pay records held in Perth
153ABC Talks Department scripts
154External Affairs cables
155Edward John Connellan and Connellan Airways
156Records of Dutch migration held in Sydney
157Christmas Island
158Foundation of the State of Israel, 1946
159Reverend John Flynn and the Australian Inland Mission
160Universal military training in Australia, 1911–29
161Conscription referendums, 1916 and 1917
162National Service and war, 1939–45
163National Service, 1951–59
164National Service, 1965–72
165Royal Military College, Duntroon
166Government House, Canberra
167Mount Stromlo Observatory
168Gorman House, Canberra
170Migrant hostels in New South Wales, 1946–78
171World War I internee, alien and POW records held in Sydney
172Passenger records held in Melbourne
173Security intelligence records in Melbourne
174East Block building, Canberra
175Bringing Them Home name index
176Cyclone Tracy, Darwin
177World War I and World War II service records
178Commonwealth Reconstruction Training Scheme (CRTS) administrative records
179Commonwealth Reconstruction Training Scheme (CRTS) applicants and trainees
180Wartime internee, alien and POW records held in Perth
181Civil Constructional Corps records held in Perth
182Civil Alien Corps records held in Perth
183New Guard Movement, 1931–35
184Passenger records held in Hobart
185Migrant selection documents held in Perth
186Alien registration records held in Perth
187Citizenship in Australia
188Empire Games, Sydney, 1938
189General Post Office, Sydney
190Passenger records held in Brisbane
191Aerial photographs
192Japanese midget submarine attacks on Sydney, 1942
193Addresses of other national archives
194Australian Antarctic exploration and research
195The bombing of Darwin
196Sir Charles Kingsford Smith
197Photographs relating to Sir Charles Kingsford Smith
198Cowra breakout, 1944
199Army Inventions Directorate, 1942–46
200Beginning your family history research
201Tracing ancestors in the National Archives
202Tracing ancestors beyond the National Archives
203The House of Representatives Standing Committee of Privileges
204The Browne-Fitzpatrick privilege case, 1955
205Memorandum of Understanding with the Victorian Aboriginal Child Care Agency
207Records relating to Italian migration held in Perth
208Research Agents – overseas institutions
209Memorandum of Understanding with South Australian Indigenous people
210Prime Minister Edmund Barton
211Prime Minister Alfred Deakin
212Prime Minister John Christian Watson
213Prime Minister George Houstoun Reid
214Prime Minister Andrew Fisher
215Prime Minister William McMahon
216Prime Minister Edward Gough Whitlam
217The Jewish experience in Australia
218The National Archives collecting policy
219Special access
220Passenger arrivals index
221High Court of Australia
222Mildenhall photographic collection
223Migrant selection documents in Adelaide
224The Wave Hill walk-off
225Charles Nelson Perkins
226Custom House, Brisbane
227Immigration records
228Torrens Island Quarantine Station, South Australia
229Access to damaged, fragile or contaminated records
230Using cameras in the reading room
231Neville Bonner
232Industrial relations records held in Melbourne
233Lighthouse records held in Brisbane
234United States forces in Queensland, 1941–45
235Francis Edgar Williams, anthropologist of Papua
236Records relating to Italian migration held in Brisbane
237International Women's Year, 1975
238The 'Balibo affair', East Timor, October 1975
239The loans affair, 1974–75
240The dismissal, 1975
241John Robert Kerr, Governor-General of Australia, 1974–77
242Prime Minister John Malcolm Fraser
243The fall of Saigon, 1975
244Industrial development in Australia after World War II
245Patent, trademark and design records in Brisbane
246Cabinet records of the Fraser government, 1975–83
247Australia's diplomatic relations with China
248Daniel Mannix, Catholic Archbishop of Melbourne
249The National Archives digitisation service
250Albert Hall, Canberra
251Australia’s national anthem
252Tobacco advertising ban in Australia
253Australian Atomic Energy Commission
254The Immigration Photographic Archive
255Australia and the issue of apartheid in sport
256Passenger records held in Adelaide
257Official access
258Torres Strait Treaty, 1978
259South Australian lighthouse records
260South Australian maritime records
261Independence of Papua New Guinea, 1975
262Royal Commission on Intelligence and Security
263Independence of Zimbabwe
264Finding records relating to an Indigenous person
265Patent records held in Canberra
266The sinking of the Montevideo Maru
267Robert James Lee Hawke
268Aboriginal petitions
269South Sea Islanders
270Indigenous family history beyond the National Archives
271Downer family collection
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