Army – Between the world wars

The National Archives holds service records and attestation papers for members of the Permanent Military Forces (PMF), the fulltime regular army, and the Citizen Military Forces (CMF), also known as the Militia.

Service records and attestation papers

The service records held covering the period between the world wars, are summarised in the table below.

Collection references

 Title or description of recordDate rangeSeries number
SeriesPMF (Permanent Military Forces) and Army Militia personnel dossiers1901–40B4717
SeriesArmy Militia service records, attestation documents (Form A7)1901–40B4747
SeriesArmy lists1923–ongoingA1194

What’s in Army militia records?

The composition of dossiers varies considerably. Common documents include:

Other documents can include conduct sheets, medical history records, identity photographs, proceedings of discharge, and correspondence concerning aspects of the subject’s service or appointment.

Find and view a record online

You can use NameSearch to try and find a record from the interwar period.

  1. Go to NameSearch.
  2. Enter the person’s surname and select 'Pre WWI, Inter war, post WWII' from the dropdown category of records.
  3. Search.

View an original record

To view an original record in the Melbourne reading room, please submit an advance request to view records form or contact the Melbourne office.

Further information

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