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Each year, the Cabinet considers issues and makes decisions which shape our nation. Few Commonwealth records cover such a broad sweep of Australian history or touch the lives of so many Australians as those of the Cabinet. For example, Cabinet decisions include:

  • Australia's involvement in war
  • Migration and Indigenous affairs
  • Sports funding
  • Environmental issues, such as whaling, national parks and building dams

In 2019, records created by the Howard Cabinet in 1996 and 1997 enter the open access period.

The Cabinet records from those years will be prepared for access on 1 January 2019 and we are asking the public to help us select records from the period to examine and make available online.

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Let us know the topics covered by the Cabinet records that are of most interest to you. We will use this information to help identify those of greatest significance to the Australian community and to make them available online.

Are there any events or activities from that time that you would like to know more about? To have your say, simply tick the boxes below to show the topics you are interested in:


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