The second Sydney airport

The vexed question of if, when and where to build a second Sydney airport came before Cabinet once again. In November 1985 Aviation Minister Peter Morris lodged a submission noting that the existing Sydney airport was approaching the limits of its runway capacity, although improvements in technology and revised landing charges might enable it to meet demand until 2010. It was not ALP policy to provide additional runway capacity at Sydney airport. It was not essential to begin detailed planning for a second airport immediately, but unless a site was reserved for it the spread of suburban housing would rule it out as an option. The only realistic sites were Badgerys Creek, which was 50 kilometres west of Sydney, and Wilton, which was 80 kilometres south-west of Sydney. Morris favoured Badgerys Creek and recommended that Cabinet confirm it as the chosen site and authorise an immediate start to land acquisition. Cabinet had not made a decision by the end of 1985, but the capacity of the existing airport was extended by the completion of a third runway in 1994. The issue of a second Sydney airport remains unresolved.

Selected documents

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ItemSubmission 3470, 26 November 1985, Selection and acquisition of a site for a second Sydney airport1984–85NAA: A14039, 3470

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