Million-dollar challenge for SMEs

Applications are now open for the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science's Business Research and Innovation Initiative (BRII) grants – also known as the 'million-dollar challenge'. BRII encourages small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to submit their innovative solutions to solve government challenges.

Government agencies are creating and maintaining an unprecedented amount of increasingly complex information. Under the Archives Act 1983 the National Archives is responsible for deciding which Australian Government information should be kept or destroyed. These decisions are enacted through legal documents called records authorities. At present, records authorities are developed and implemented manually.

As part of its BRII challenge 'Automating complex determinations for Australian Government information', the National Archives is looking for an automated, accurate and scalable way to create and manage complex decisions about the value of information and data.

Finding an effective solution for the National Archives' challenge will improve the identification of the value of government data, and ensure preservation of the most valuable data and information. Watch this video to find out more from Director-General David Fricker.

There are two phases to the grant process. The first phase offers up to $100,000 to SMEs for a feasibility study to put forward their solutions to automating complex determinations for Australian Government information.

Successful feasibility study SMEs will be invited to develop their concept with a proof of concept grant of up to $1 million in the second phase of the challenge.

We will be showcasing our challenge at the BRII nation-wide roadshow in March.

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