Public submissions to the Tune Review, at 20 August 2019

Australian Historical Association (download the pdf, 290kB)

Mr Douglas Crabb (download the pdf, 6.9mB and pdf, 7.3mB)

Mr Paul Feldman (download the pdf, 500kB)

Dr Lyndon Megarrity (download the pdf, 296kB)

Northern Territory Stolen Generations Aboriginal Corporation (download the pdf, 571kB)

Professor Ben Saul (download the pdf, 472kB)

Professor Anne Twomey (download the pdf, 472kB)

Ms Annabel Lloyd (download the pdf, 110kB)

Associate Professor Michael J. Socolow (download the pdf, 132kB)

Dr Andrew Wilson (download the pdf, 208kB)

Community and Public Sector Union (download the pdf, 208kB)

Dr Carolyn Holbrook (download the pdf, 1mB)

Professional Historians Australia (download the pdf, 106kB)

Dr Joanna Sassoon (download the pdf, 269kB)

Ms Jill Bear (download the pdf, 171kB)

Mr Kerry Edwards (download the pdf, 182kB)

Mr Mark A. Zanker (download the pdf, 45kB)

Mr P. A. Selth OAM (download the pdf, 246kB)

Federal Agencies Information Management Network (FAIMN) (download the pdf, 826kB)

Ms Trina Glover (download the pdf, 362kB)

Society of Australian Genealogists (download the pdf, 92kB)

The Hon. Michael D. Kirby AC CMG (download the pdf, 332 kB)

University of New South Wales, Canberra (download the pdf, 509 kB)

Professional Historians Association NSW and ACT (download the pdf, 379.8 kB)

The Genealogical Society of the NT Inc (download the pdf, 74 kB)

Public Programs - National Archives of Australia (download the pdf, 881.8 kB)

Ms Ellen Coates (download the pdf, 237.1 kB)

Professional Historians Association (NT) (download the pdf, 569 kB)

Mr Josh Pearse (download the pdf, 294.7 kB)

Ms Madelyn Shaw (download the pdf, 174.9 kB)

Mr Jeremy Sibbald (download the pdf, 448 kB)

Mr John Lamb.pdf (download the pdf, 324.6 kB)

Ms Fiona Douglas.pdf (download the pdf, 136 kB)

Mr Michael Piggott, AM (download the pdf, 314.5 kB)

Professor Kathy Bowrey, Dr Catherine Bond & Professor Isabella Alexander (download the pdf, 377 kB)

Dr Bruce Pennay OAM (download the pdf, 823 kB)

Jumbunna Institute for Indigenous Education & Research (download the pdf, 1.3 kB)

Dr Tim Sherratt (download the pdf, 74 kB)

Australian Library and Information Association (download the pdf, 84 kB)

Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia (download the pdf, 228 kB)

Dr David Stephens (download the pdf, 424 kB)

Dr Elizabeth Ganter (download the pdf, 335 kB)

EScholarship Research Centre (ESRC) (download the pdf, 293 kB)

History Queensland Inc (download the pdf, 143 kB)

Mr Kent Fitch (download the pdf, 43 kB)

Ms Laura Millar (download the pdf, 1.4 mB)

Ms Rose Holley, Mr Warwick Cathro & Mr Eric Wainwright (download the pdf, 715 kB)

National Archives of Australia's Reconciliation Action Plan Working Group (download the pdf, 464 kB)

Professor Bridget Griffen-Foley FAHA (download the pdf, 158 kB)

Professor Lisa Ford - Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, UNSW Sydney (download the pdf, 144 kB)

Professor Peter Stanley (download the pdf, 77 kB)

Queensland State Archives (download the pdf, 148 kB)

Recordkeeping Innovation Pty Ltd (download the pdf, 218 kB)

The Royal Historical Society of Queensland (download the pdf, 262 kB)

Way Back When Consulting Historians (download the pdf, 49 kB)

Western Australian Genealogical Society (download the pdf, 418 kB)

Australian Academy of the Humanities (download the pdf, 146 kB)

Australian Society of Archivists (download the pdf, 577 kB)

International Council on Archives (download the pdf, 288 kB)

Tasmanian Family History Society Inc. (download the pdf, 280 kB)

Asian Studies Association of Australia (download the pdf, 104 kB)

Australasian Federation of Family History Organisations Inc (download the pdf, 659 kB)

Dr Virginia Madsen, Centre for Media History (download the pdf, 202 kB)

Ms Anne Lyons (download the pdf, 464 kB)

Ms Grace Gardiner (download the pdf, 168 kB)

Australian Broadcasting Corporation (download the pdf, 146 kB)

Australian Strategic Studies Institute (ASPI) (download the pdf, 495 kB)

Director-General of the National Archives of the United Arab Emirates (download the pdf, 934 kB)

Mr Michael Coonan, Head of Regulatory and Government Affairs - Special Broadcasting Service (download the pdf, 232 kB)

Mr Newell Armstrong (download the pdf, 6 mB)

Ms Helen Swift (download the pdf, 428 kB)

National Archives of Australia Advisory Council (download the pdf, 908 kB)

Mr Glenn Strkalj (download the pdf, 80 kB)

Dr Criena Fitzgerald (download the pdf, 328 kB)

Records and Information Management Professionals Australasia (download the pdf, 323 kB)

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