Asset management

National Archives of Australia and National Archives of Australia Advisory Council Annual Report 2015-16

The Archives manages diverse and complex assets including:

  • building fit-out
  • building plant and supporting critical infrastructure (low-temperature storage vaults)
  • preservation equipment
  • high-quality digital imaging equipment and cameras
  • exhibition infrastructure
  • national archival collection
  • intangible assets (digital copies of collection items)
  • corporate and archival information technology infrastructure.

The Archives’ asset acquisitions and replacements are managed through the five-year Capital Asset Plan. The Executive Board makes decisions in relation to capital expenditure against the plan.

Asset management policy

The Archives applies best practice asset management principles to its facilities and associated assets. It continued to progressively review and refine its asset management policies and processes.

The Project Management and Investment Committee continued its role to oversee and report to the Executive Board on the Archives’ major program and project management investment deliverables, including asset procurement and management. In 2015–16 the committee placed a particular focus on projects that will enhance the Archives’ digital capability.

Heritage assets

The Archives continued to work with the Department of Finance to develop a Heritage Management Plan for the Archives’ National Office, which is listed on the Commonwealth Heritage Register. A final draft plan has been developed, and will be issued by the Department of Finance for public consultation. In the interim, the final draft plan provides guidance to the Archives on protection and preservation of the heritage aspects of the East Block building.

Capital works

The Chester Hill Repository part 2 refurbishment project was successfully completed in October 2015. The project was delivered ahead of schedule, within budget and with an additional scope of a further four shelf kilometres of compactus space for future record transfers. The refurbishment included construction of a cold store and providing air-conditioning to the repository.

In a number of other Archives sites, plant and equipment items were replaced or upgraded as they neared the end of their useful life including replacement of the lighting control system at Cannon Hill (Queensland) and the upgrade of the intruder-detection systems and low-temperature film vault dehumidifier system at East Burwood, Victoria.