High Court documents

Judges of the High Court of Australia (seated left to right): Edmund Barton, Samuel Griffith and Richard O'Connor, with court officials, 1903 NAA: A12340, 1

The High Court decides Constitutional matters and is the highest court of appeal for federal, state and territory cases. High Court decisions have had a major impact on Australian society and government.

Landmark judicial decisions of the High Court of Australia (1903–2003) are listed on UNESCO's Australian Memory of the World register.

Included in this significant archive are judges' notebooks, correspondence between members, reports and records of judgements relating to the following:

  • Engineers Case, 1920
  • Uniform Tax cases, 1942 and 1957
  • Bank Nationalisation Case, 1948
  • Communist Party Case, 1951
  • Boilermakers Case, 1956
  • Tasmanian Dam Case, 1983
  • Mabo Case, 1992
  • Toonen Case, 1994

High Court records up to 1980 are held by the National Archives of Australia. More recent material is in the custody of the High Court of Australia.

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