Corporate Services branch

The role of the Corporate Services branch is to support the Archives in meeting its obligations under the Archives Act and the Portfolio Budget Statements Outcome and Program. It ensures that the Archives complies with its responsibilities under the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act, Public Service Act and a range of other legislative obligations. The branch has four sections: Facilities; Procurement and Security; Finance, People Management and Development; and the Preservation and Storage Construction team.

Facilities, Procurement and Security oversees the effective, efficient and appropriate management of the Archives' property portfolio and ensures compliance with all relevant legislation and the Commonwealth’s Property Management Framework. It also manages the Archives security function. It provides policies, advice, procedures and tools to support procurement activities in the Archives. It also ensures the Archives meets whole-of-government reporting and compliance obligations.

Finance oversees the efficient, effective and ethical management of the Archives' financial resources in accordance with the financial and policy framework of the Commonwealth. It provides advice to the Director-General with regard to individual obligations under the financial legislation and policy frameworks of the Commonwealth, the sustainability of the Archives' financial position, including the preparation of the Archives’ internal budget and the establishment of the Accountable Authority Instructions and Finance Delegations. Finance ensures the Archives meets the Department of Finance and other whole-of-government reporting and compliance requirements.

The People Management and Development section provide policies, advice, procedures and tools in relation to people management and development so that the Archives is able to attract, retain and develop a workforce that is professional, capable, flexible, innovative and engaged within the employment legislation and policy framework of the Commonwealth. It supports managers and employees in understanding and applying the Australian Public Service employment framework, conditions of service and their compliance obligations. People Management and Development also ensures the Archives meets whole-of-government reporting obligations.

The Preservation and Storage Construction team manages the delivery of the Archives' building program to 2020 in accordance with Commonwealth legislation and the property management framework, and ensures the program, including the relocation of some 15 million collection items, is delivered in accordance with the government's approval of the project and that it is on time and on budget.

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