Organisational chart

The organisational chart below shows the structure of the National Archives of Australia leadership team, including the Director-General, Assistant Directors-General and Directors. This organisational chart is in effect from 15 March 2017.

Our organisational chart (pdf, 522kB) is also available for download.

  • Director-General: David Fricker
    • Assistant Director-General, Access and Communication: Louise Doyle
      • Director, Access Examination: Tonia Vincent
      • Director, Access Programs: Shaun Rohrlach
      • Director, National Development and Communications: Michaela Forster (acting)
      • Director, Reference and Information Services: Anne McLean
      • Director, South Australia State Office: Nick Gleghorn
      • Director, Queensland State Office: David Swift
      • Director, Northern Territory Office: Phyllis Williams
      • Director, Western Australia State Office: Alan Ralph
    • Assistant Director-General, Collection Management: Teressa Ward
      • Director, Audiovisual Preservation: Robyn Gamble
      • Director, Collection Operations: Fiona Sagripanti
      • Director, Preservation and Digitisation: Julie Faulkner
      • Director, New South Wales State Office: Cindy Dennis
      • Director, Victoria and Tasmania State Offices: Celia Blake (acting)
    • Assistant Director-General, Corporate Services: Cheryl Watson
      • Director, Facilities and Procurement: Alison Daley
      • Director, Finance: Craig Maconachie
      • Director, People Management and Development: David Wakeling
      • Director, Preservation and Storage Construction: Michael Boyle (acting)
    • Assistant Director-General, Information Policy and Systems: Anne Lyons
      • Chief Technology Officer: Joe Bilac
      • Director, Agency Accountability: Kerry Moir
      • Director, Agency Capability Development: Jo Hasnich
      • Director, Business Systems and Online Services: Zoe D'Arcy
      • Director, Digital Strategy and Solutions: Christine Johnston
      • Director, ICT Infrastructure Support and Systems: Warren Bitner (acting)
      • Director, Strategic Initiatives and Policy: Linda Macfarlane
    • Office of the Director-General
      • Director, Executive Busness: Helen Walker
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