New book to help Stolen Generations reconnect

Media release: Monday, 27 July 2015

A new book to help Aboriginal Stolen Generations from the Northern Territory discover and reconnect with their families and communities was launched today (27 July) by the National Archives of Australia.
Tracking Family: A guide to Aboriginal records relating to the Northern Territory compiles information on link-up and relevant counselling services, as well as on the records held by 26 institutions across Australia.

The book lists organisations that provide general assistance and support, relevant homes and missions, institutions holding records, resources in other states and contact details.

'This newly published second edition also includes current website links, updated link-up organisations, homes and records identified since the first edition was published, and further details on defence force service,' said Louise Doyle, Assistant Director-General of the National Archives.

'When we published the first edition in 2006, it was welcomed by the Aboriginal community and welfare and cultural organisations who support and assist Aboriginal people.

'We realised the need for a new edition, as many contact details have changed and additional information about records and homes has since become available.'

In republishing the guide, the National Archives continues to meet the recommendations of the 1987 Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody, the 1995 Bringing Them Home report and more recent government initiatives relating to Closing the Gap. The Royal Commission found that the number of deaths in custody was higher for Indigenous Australians who had been separated from their families than for Indigenous people generally.

The guide is available free of charge on the Archives' website It has also been published in hard copy for those who don't have internet access and can be obtained from the National Archives office in Darwin.

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