Indigenous rights and White Australia make a Splash on ABC

Media release: Wednesday, 2 July 2014

The White Australia game, a handprint of an Australian-born 'prohibited immigrant', a confidential Cabinet minute and a letter from school children supporting Aboriginal rights all combine to illustrate Australia's rich history in an online educational resource for teachers, students and their families.

ABC Splash, an educational portal launched 18 months ago, provides a highly interactive educational experience, enriching teaching and learning in the 21st century.

The National Archives of Australia has collaborated with ABC Splash and opened its vault of archival treasures to uncover historical gems for the creation of three digibooks. These collections align with the Australian Curriculum: History, for students in years 6 and 10.

The digibooks explore the White Australia policy in Dictation to Restrict Immigrationand Indigenous Australians' rights in Vincent Lingiari the Leader and Righting Wrongs in the 1967 Referendum.

Since it was launched, ABC Splash has made a significant contribution to the Australian educational landscape, with nearly 2000 archival items being mapped to the Australian Curriculum.

This collaboration is part of a broader number of partnerships between ABC Splash and key Australian arts and cultural institutions including the Bell Shakespeare Company, Museum of Contemporary Art (Sydney), Australian War Memorial and National Portrait Gallery.

The latest digital educational resources were launched at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney last week.

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