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Media release: Friday, 27 June 2014

Today the National Archives of Australia launched Check-up Digital, an online questionnaire for Australian Government agencies to assess how well they are managing their digital information and records. 

'Records need to be reliable and available for as long as needed. Managing information and records digitally is critical to fully engage in the digital economy.' said David Fricker, Director-General of the National Archives of Australia. 

'Agencies gain substantial business benefits by adopting comprehensive digital information management. For government, these benefits include reductions in business risk and paper storage costs; improved business efficiency; and the ability to develop and implement good policy.' 

Check-up Digital, which replaces Check-up 2.0 gives the Archives a snapshot of how the government is managing its digital information, informing public sector reform. 

'We've already gained real traction in implementing the Digital Transition Policy' said Mr Fricker. 'The major finding of Check-up 2.0 is that by the end of 2014, 72 per cent of agencies will have digital information and records management in place and this is expected to increase to 95 per cent by 2015.' 

Check-up Digital focuses beyond 2020, well past 2015 when all government records created digitally must be transferred to the National Archives in digital format. Helping agencies rate their digital information capability into the future, Check-up Digital prioritises how they can make improvements and tracks their progress over time. 

Check-up Digital is now available to Australian Government agencies and opens for submissions from 1 July. Submissions are required by 30 September each year.

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