Were you snapped as a migrant?

Media release: Monday, 13 August 2012

Post-war migrants who were snapped by government photographers when they arrived in Australia (or before they left their homeland) feature in a new website created by the National Archives.

The website Destination:Australia – sharing our post-war migrant stories contains more than 20,000 photographs of migrants from various countries who arrived at different ports around the country after World War II. They extend up until the 1990s and cover a wide range of activities.

The photographs include arrivals, citizenship ceremonies, festivals, migrant centres and new places of worship. There are also thousands of photographs of migrants in the workforce or participating in other aspects of community life.

The National Archives of Australia hopes those who featured in the photos (or friends and family who knew them) will be able to fill in the details about unidentified people and places. Visitors to the site can search using family names, places of origin, migrant hostels, ports of arrival or other terms which may identify a group of friends.'We also hope that other migrants who aren't featured in the photos will add their own stories of arriving and living in Australia,' said curator Tracey Clarke.

The site hasn't officially been launched yet but the National Archives is inviting post-war migrants and their families to use the site and share their memories about the photos. If anyone finds themselves or a relative, the National Archives would like them to add their story to the website.

The new site can be viewed at https://www.destinationaustralia.gov.au/site/index.php.

The National Archives can provide a staff member for you to interview if you would like further details.

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