Dr Alex Gerbaz

Margaret George Award 2008

Topic: An exploration of Australian Government funding initiatives for independent filmmakers during the 1970s
Dr Gerbaz presented his findings at a public lecture at the National Archives in Canberra on 13 October 2009

Biographical note

Dr Alex Gerbaz is an early-career film scholar with a PhD in Cinema Studies. His doctoral thesis, entitled 'Images of Presence: Non-Classical Cinema and the Dissolution of the Transcendental Ego', was an examination of the relationship between film and phenomenology. Recent publications include an article on Errol Morris' documentaries and a forthcoming book chapter on Michael Haneke's original version of Funny Games.

In 2007 Alex was a Research Fellow at the Centre for Scholarly and Archival Research at the National Film and Sound Archive, where he published a short history of experimental cinema in Australia. He currently teaches part-time in the Faculty of Media, Culture and Creative Arts at the Curtin University of Technology in Perth.


Dr Alex Gerbaz's research focused on the records of Australian Government funding initiatives for independent filmmakers during the 1970s, exemplified by the Experimental Film and Television Fund and the Creative Development Fund.

Documentation relating to the two funds shed light on Australian screen culture during this period. Dr Gerbaz explored correspondence between recipient filmmakers and the funds, descriptions of the projects, details of applications for funding and policy documents.
A thorough analysis of these records highlighted the expectations and outcomes of the funds, and provided an in-depth account of how various individual projects developed. The findings of the project appealed to film historians and scholars, as well as members of the general public interested in screen culture and arts funding policy in Australia.

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