Ian Maclean Award

A research grant for archivists

An important role of the National Archives of Australia is to encourage excellence in the archival profession.

The Archives offered Ian Maclean awards to individuals interested in conducting research that would benefit the archival and historical profession in Australia and promote the important contribution that archives make to society. Ian Maclean awards commemorate the life and work of Ian Maclean.

Former recipients of the award are:

  • 2012 Dr Kate Bagnall – Paper trails: Travels with Anglo-Chinese Australians, 1900-1939
  • 2011 Dr Narrelle Morris – A comprehensive guide to Commonwealth government records on Australia's war crimes investigations and trials of the Japanese, 1945–1951
  • 2010 Dr Shannon Faulkhead and Kirsten Thorpe – Developing an international network to connect innovative projects relating to Indigenous peoples, Archives, Libraries, Museums, Galleries, Keeping Places and Communities
  • 2009 Martin Masek – Development of an immersive 3D simulation based on the submarine HMAS AE2 and its role in the 1915 Gallipoli campaign
  • 2008 Mitchell Whitelaw – The Visible Archive applies cutting-edge visualisation techniques to large archival datasets as a way of exploring and understanding the relationships that give individual records their context
  • 2007 Gavan McCarthy – How research into Tasmanian convict records can be reintegrated into archival management systems at the Tasmanian State Archives
  • 2006 Eileen Chanin and Steven Miller – Recovering the neglected archival records of Australia’s art schools, so that researchers can piece together more of Australia's art history
  • 2005 Nikki Henningham – Locating records relating to the experience of migrant women in Australia to augment the existing holdings of official archival repositories
  • 2004 Bruce Smith – Improving the knowledge base upon which acquisition decisions can be made in business archives to help identify which types of records should be targeted for collection
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