Frederick Watson Fellowship

A research grant for established scholars

A key function of the National Archives is to promote archival research in Australia and encourage scholarly use of the National Archives collection.

The Frederick Watson Fellowship commemorates the life and work of Dr Frederick Watson. The fellowship was designed to help established scholars complete an innovative research project that:

  • was significant to Australian audiences
  • made substantial use of the National Archives' collection.

Former recipients of the Frederick Watson Fellowship are:

  • 2013 Dr Alison Holland – Protecting Aborigines: Exploring Commonwealth Aboriginal Policy in Northern Australia, 1930-1950
  • 2012 Dr Gwenda Tavan – Gods, Guides and Gatekeepers: A Political History of the Commonwealth Department of Immigration 1945-1949
  • 2011 Dr Michelle Arrow – Public Intimacies: Revisiting the Royal Commission on Human Relationships, 1974–1977
  • 2010 Dr Peter Copeman – Walter and Marion: A biographical play about Walter Burley Griffin and Marion Mahony
  • 2010 Dr Susan Lever – The creative role of Australian writers in ABC television drama to 1981
  • 2009 Dr Christina Twomey – A history of the National Service Scheme in Australia from 1964 to 1972
  • 2008 Professor Kenneth Morgan – An examination of Australia's professional orchestras between 1932 and 1996
  • 2007 Dr Mickey Dewar – An examination of the characteristics and attributes of postwar Darwin, though a detailed and multidisciplinary study of Commonwealth public housing policy
  • 2006 Pip Deveson – An exploration of the work of anthropologist and filmmaker Ian Dunlop
  • 2005 Robert Burrell – The history of copyright reform in Australia in the period 1900 to 1913
  • 2005 Dr Frances Miley – The history of Army financial administration
  • 2005 Dr David Lawrence – A study of anthropologist EW Pearson Chinnery who served as Government Anthropologist in the territories of Papua and New Guinea.
  • 2004 Frank Moorhouse – A study of the emergence of literary writing in Australia and the infrastructure that grew around it, focusing on the early records of the Commonwealth Literary Fund
  • 2003 Emeritus Professor Geoffrey Bolton – A study of Paul Hasluck and his influence on Indigenous affairs and  foreign policy
  • 2002 Garry Woodard – A study of Australian foreign policy in the postwar era
  • 2001 Dr Klaus Neumann – A study of Australia's treatment of refugees prior to the formulation of an explicit refugee policy in 1977
  • 1999 Dr Michael McKernan – Research into Australian prisoners of war and their treatment after they returned to Australia in 1945.   
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